What is StoneSaver?


Screen saver iconStoneSaver is a screen saver which replays professional Go games. It allows you to have a look at professional Go games effortlessly while you and your mac are taking a break. The program picks the games randomly in a set of games which come along with StoneSaver.


Small board imageStoneSaver is featured with professional Go games which come from two excellent Go sites:

You may also add other games in the bundle of StoneSaver. Read the Read Me file for more details.


Package imageYou need to install both the screen saver and a framework. You may either use the installer or move the files manually as indicated in the Read Me file.


Information about the game

Most of the games contain information about the name of the players, the issue of the game, and sometimes other pieces of information as the location, the date, the event etc.
Game information

Steering the game

An interesting feature is that of being able to either steer the ongoing game (backward, forward one move, pause) or to open the game in an editor to study it more thoroughly.
Stirring the ongoing game


The preferences allow you to set the pace at which the games are replayed. It is expressed in seconds between two consecutive games.
Preferences window

The board

Board view Board view (closer)


StoneSaver is localised in several languages. Here is an example of information about a game in Chinese.
Board view